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April 3, 1999 --->
New cels for sale.  El Hazard, Magic Knights Rayearth, Tenchi Muyo and of course Sailor Moon.
January 7, 1999 --->
I can't access my cgi-bin at this time. So, I posted new cels for sale on the regular site.
November 29, 1998 --->
Lots of new updates.  Linked to my shopping cart.  I am now experimenting with Perl and this is my first project.  Hope this makes both our lives easier.  Uploaded new cels for sale.
November 21, 1998 --->
My scanner finally arrived!!  Scanned in a few new Sailor Moon cels.  Will be updating this site plus a new site to sell off my excess cels.  More info later...
November 12, 1998 --->
Will be updating site soon.  Still waiting for new scanner to arrive.  -_-
July 28, 1998 --->
Added one more Sailor Moon Cels page.  A total of 11 new cels.
July 22, 1998 --->
Uploaded 9 Sailor Moon cels for sale or trade. 
July 11, 1998 --->
Had a really great time at Expo.  Came back with a lot of nice cels.  Uploaded 3 pages of Sailor Moon cels plus one Shampoo cel. 
June 28, 1998 --->
Updated the cels page.  Not much that I can do.  Will update some more after Anime Expo.
June 05, 1998 --->
Put up some cels for sale from Tenchi Muyo.
May 30, 1998 ---->
I finally got my ultimate Van cel.  ^_^  I also put up some cels for sale of which 6 are Sailor Moon and 4 are You're Under Arrest.
March 31, 1998 ---->
Finished some more Dream Pocket images.  It so hard to take pictures of the dolls because of the reflection from the boxes.  I put up some Sailor Moon Reproduction cels.
March 29, 1998 ---->
I uploaded the Sailor Moon Dolls for sale page.  It is still under construction though.
March 27, 1998 ---->
Uploaded Anime Cel Gallery with 5 Sailor Moon, 1 Ranma 1/2, 2 Tenchi Muyo, and 1 El Hazard cels.  ^_^
March 24, 1998 ---->
Uploaded my UFO Catcher Gallery, and received my Princess Serenity cel.