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Personal Anime Cel Galleries
    Has some really awesome Ryoko cels.  Some of his cels are from Marmalade Boy, Plastic Little, and Legend of Lemnear. 
      A great collection from several titles including Sailor Moon, Rurouni Kenshin, and Fushigi Yuugi.. ^_^  One of my favorite sites. 
      If you love cats, then this is the page.  Many cat cels and more from Sailor Moon.  Over 36 Sailor Moon cels, all of which are very nice.  ^_^  Also has cels of Fushigi Yuugi and Marmalade Boy. 
      Major KOR cel collector.  Has all of his KOR cels sorted by series.  Also has some great Sailor Mercury / Ami cels.
On-Line Cel Dealers
Aino Anime 
A great selection which also consist of cels for sale from third party collectors. Has great prices.
A great selection of cels.  Also has a bulletin board for anime cels.
    Has a new virtual store. The cels and the prices are great.  What more can I say?. Stephen is Great! 
Nichibei Anime Club 
David is wonderful.  He is always so imformative and very helpful.  His cels are of premium quality.
Usagi's House 
Has great prices.  Can help you find anime merchandise that are not available in many places.  ^_^
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