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Anime Title: Tenchi Muyo 2nd Movie
Cel Description: Ryoko keeping her teeth as white as can be.
Cel Notes: FOR SALE $65
Anime Title: Tenchi Muyo OAV Series ?
Cel Description: Ayeka looking distressed.
Anime Title: Pretty Sammy
Cel Description: Ryo-Ohki  using a bag as a parachute to break her fall to the street below.
Cel Notes: According to Yann (thanks!), this cel is probably from Pretty Sammy.
Anime Title: Tenchi Muyo in Space ( tv series, episode 21)
Cel Description: Tenchi dressed up as a typical school girl on a class trip.  The guy on his right is hitting on him.  -_^  But he is actually a Jurai agent.
Cel Notes: It comes with a background but no pencil sketch.  The background is much bigger than the cel.
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