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Here is the summary of my wish list.  Believe me...  you don't want to see the full version.  ^_^  I would like to find cels with original backgrounds and/or are oversized.  I like cels with nice light, bright colors.  Let me know if you have any and would want to sell or trade with me.

Clamp Campus Detectives

  1. Nokoru Imonoyama - cel of him with his fan.
  2. Suoh Takamura - any nice cel
  3. Nagisa - nice cel.
Fushigi Yuugi
  1. Tamahome -- Nice cel of him when he is fighting with the ogre character on his forehead.
  2. Tuski -- Cel of him using his fire fan.
Sailor Moon
  1. Sailor Saturn / Hotaru -- Nice cel
  2. Princess Serenity -- Any nice cels.
  3. Neo Queen Serenity -- Nice cel
  1. Folken Fanel when he was young.
  2. Van Fanel when he was young
  3. Van and Hitomi together.
  4. Hitomi's Grandmother
  5. Any cels of Van or Folken with Wings... ^_^
Martian Successor Nadeisco
  1. Ruri-chan - nice cel
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